December 12, 2017

Create with Slate this Christmas: Presents You Can Make Using Slate

Not only does slate look great on the roof of your home, it also looks just as good as a present in someone’s stocking at Christmas.

Of course, a blank piece of slate wouldn’t make a particularly impressive gift, but there are some cool ways you can personalise and decorate it to make for a wonderful present. To help give you some inspiration for some bespoke, handmade slate Christmas presents, here are five quirky ideas.

1.Wall Plaques

Slate wall plaques are a great gift idea as they can be personalised in so many ways and look great both indoors and outdoors. Better yet, they are durable so will stand the test of time. Simply drill a hole in the top left and top right of the plaque and thread some rope through to hang it from. You can then decorate it with paint, charcoal or even inscribe a message. Some even choose to shape the slate itself into a love heart for a more romantic present.

2. Picture Frame

This may take a bit more skill but will look beautiful once complete. Alternatively, you can print the picture almost directly onto the slate for a unique finish. The process is a bit tricky to explain, so here’s a useful video on how to do it.

3. Cheese Board

Seriously, who doesn’t love cheese? It’s the perfect way to finish a great evening meal, and a handmade slate cheeseboard is a beautiful way to present the cheeses. It’s also a very simple thing to make. You will just need to shape the slate to however you like it, and then add in any optional writing or decoration to the board.


Slate coasters are hard wearing, easy to clean and a practical thing to have lying around the home. Again, you can tailor the exact design of the coasters to the person you’re gifting it to. Just check out these wonderful family coaster sets made from slate.

5. Place Mats

If you’re going to go for the coasters, then you may as well add in some placemats to finish off the set. A beautiful wooden dining table laid out with blue slate coasters and placemats really would look great.

The sorts of gifts you can create using slate is truly limited only by your imagination. It’s time to get your craft set out and be creative. Once you’re done, you can get ready for the fun part. Seeing the face of your loved ones light up on Christmas day when they receive something so personal and thoughtful is the best part of it all.

Getting hold of slate is normally pretty easy, or you may even have some left over if you’ve decided to refit missing parts of your roof. We distribute slate all across the UK and would be happy to supply you with any you may need. For help finding the perfect variety, contact us today.

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