UK Slate offers an extensive range of natural slate floor tiles and limestone flooring that have been selected for their sheer quality and beauty.

Our slate tiles are also highly durable, especially for high-traffic areas providing relatively low maintenance and cost-effective floor finish. We also stock a range of adhesives, sealants and accessories.

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Unique Flooring

We source our slate from the best locations worldwide to provide various unique, beautiful options. Welsh, Cumbrian and Cornish slate are all readily available through our domestic contacts, and we also offer North American, Spanish and Brazilian floor slate for their distinctly different aesthetics.

In addition, the range of slate flooring, grouts, cleaners and sealants allows our customers to create a distinctive look and character that suits their interior or exterior design idea.

Benefits of Slate Tiles

Slate provides a wonderfully beautiful aesthetic to any tiled area but also has other more subtle benefits for homeowners.

For example, natural slate is resistant to stains as it is considered a non-porous flooring material. Our natural slates are also inherently water and fire-resistant, making them perfect for those decorative outdoor areas.

Slate is also surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. Minimal maintenance is required to preserve their look. Regular sweeping or mopping with mild soap will ensure your slate looks beautiful for decades.

Natural slate flooring is made from metamorphic rock formed over centuries due to the pressure and heat inside the earth. This construct makes the high-quality slate we source incredibly durable, creating an impressively scratch-resistant flooring material that will prevent scraps and dents.

Order Your Slate Flooring

Our highly sought-after slate flooring is available online. View our delivery information to see how and when your order will be dispatched.

If you have any questions about our slate flooring or any other products on our website, please contact us directly either through our enquiry form or by calling 01539 559289. We look forward to hearing from you.

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