December 21, 2018

How to Hang Christmas Lights on Your Roof

So, you’ve decided to brighten up your home this Christmas with some dazzling Christmas lights to hang up on the roof of your house. Hanging up Christmas lights can be a time-consuming and tricky task if you’re unprepared, aside from the fact that the lights themselves won’t look very impressive if the job isn’t done well.

Fortunately, we’ve put together a simple guide to make the process a whole lot less stressful. Whether you’re going big and bold with lots of colours and covering every inch of your home, or you’re going for a minimalistic, single string of lights around the roof, we can help. Here’s everything you need to know about hanging Christmas lights on your roof:

Christmas Lights

What You Will Need

Outdoor Christmas Lights

You have two choices with Christmas lights for outside, mains-powered ones or battery-powered ones. Remember to check carefully when you buy your lights to make sure they are suitable for use outdoors and that the material won’t be damaged by the elements; this should be clearly stated on the packaging and labels.

Power Source

The way the lights are powered depends on what type of lights you go for. If you opt for mains-powered lights, then you will need an outdoor power supply or a weatherproof extension lead. For battery-powered lights – if you don’t have access to a power point – we recommend rechargeable batteries, to reduce waste.


Ensure that your ladder is in full working condition, that it extends to the height needed and that you have safe spots around the house to place it when hanging the lights, not balancing on or near anything that could be considered an obstruction.

Gutter Hooks

To hang up the lights you will need some gutter hooks placed strategically around the house. Gutter hooks can be hooked onto the edge of the gutter, allowing the lights to be strung between them – by far the simplest solution for hanging Christmas lights. Alternatively, you can use decorating clips that can be stuck onto surfaces.


When hanging your lights, it’s important to be safe when working from height. Use a stable ladder placed on solid, level ground. Extend the ladder until you can reach the highest point you need to hang the lights without having to stand on the top step. Have someone else present to hold the ladder for you whilst you hang the lights; this person can also unwind the lights for you as you hang them.

Make sure the lights are switched off whilst you’re hanging them, and don’t switch them on whilst they’re still in the packaging. Only use an outdoor power supply if it was installed by a qualified installer. The best time to put up your lights is on a clear day, as rain could make the ladder steps slippery and dangerous to use.

How to Decorate

There are no rules when it comes to hanging Christmas lights; you’re free to decorate as you wish. You might want to create a nice icicle effect along the edge of your roof with some lights dangling down or use some lights to frame a window or door. A good tip is to ensure there is enough space between the lights. Place the gutter hooks every 30 centimetres or so to create some space, unless the lights are particularly heavy; you may need to cluster the hooks closer together to support the weight of heavier lights.

Start with the hooks, get them all secured in place before you go back round and hang up the lights. Take care not to pull on the cable and try to avoid hanging the lights too loosely. When you’re done, take a step back and see whether there are any problems that need fixing, and adjust where needed.

Once you’re happy, you can switch them on and enjoy your twinkling Christmas lights!

Dazzling Christmas Lights

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