North American Slate

UK Slate stocks slate from the North American states of Vermont and Virginia.

In Vermont, slate deposits were discovered near Fair Haven in 1839, but it wasn’t until the mid -1840s that Slate quarrying in Vermont developed into an industry. The roof of a barn one mile south of Fair Haven was the first to be covered with slate in 1848. It was feared the barn would not withstand the weight of the stone. The barn is still standing today and the same slate roof is intact.

During the nineteenth century, while the industry was still in its primacy, immigration to the Slate Valley increased. The first to arrive were from Wales, who brought with them skills that they had practiced in Wales’ own slate industry.

pictured: Vermont Structural Unfading Mottled

The slate industry in Vermont virtually shut down during the Second World War, and it was not until after the war and the advent of advanced mechanisation that the industry began to prosper in the region once more. In Virginia, the slate industry has been in continuous operation for more than 250 years.

Located in Buckingham County, The Arvonia Slate district dates back to 1724 when King George I of England granted 400 acres on an unnamed river to James Shelton. Many of the early quarrymen in the slate district immigrated to Virginia from Wales during the 19th century. Like in Vermont, these men brought to Virginia a vast wealth of experience gained in Welsh quarries.

UK Slate stocks Vermont Structural Unfading Green and Vermont Structural Unfading Mottled.


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