November 11, 2016

Pathway to Slateness

A garden can be the addition to your house that makes it feel like a home. An evening spent in your garden, post-barbecue, surrounded by family and friends can feel like the perfect evening again and again in the right space. Perfecting that space can be a great hobby, especially for those with a green thumb, or a great project for new and old homes alike.

Deciding you want the perfect garden path is easy, working out just how to create it is the hard part. But, there are a few simple style choices that you can follow in order to create an aesthetic that will make your garden the height of modern design. Slate is the perfect way to achieve this move to the modern and create a garden you can be proud of.

The Path

The most modern and long-lasting type of pathway that you can possibly use is of course slate. It will survive rain or shine, the occasional flood and even a flurry of snow without batting its stony façade. This natural material is the height of modern design and can bring the sharp and attractive lines of your interior design into your outside space as well.

Of course, you do not have to limit yourself to a simple and linear pathway. Aggregate is an amazing way to create the same effect of a path whilst moving away from the rigidity of a set pathway, instead you can enjoy the flowing elegance of a pathway that can snake its way throughout the garden in whatever way you desire. Aggregate can also be used for a number of features, including driveways, ponds and different types of water features.

Burlington Blue Mulch


Making an aggregate path is all well and good, but for those of you who spend quality time in the garden soaking up the Great British weather, then paving presents an alternative  to aggregates in any outdoor dining space. Navigating an aggregate path in bare feet, while entertaining for family and friends alike, may leave you wondering why you did not consider our Ravendale and Elterdale paving ranges. Our paving has a light riven texture that is both durable and practical for wheeling the BBQ, making it ideal for areas in your garden where you expect heavy foot or wheel traffic. Available in colours that do not fade, our paving range will reinvigorate any neglected path, BBQ or sitting area, making those extra special evenings with family and friends feel more comforting and luxurious.



While enjoying the tranquillity of your garden from the comfort of a paved sitting area, it is hard not to notice the old garden shed slowly receding into the brambles at the bottom of the garden. As the last frontier of the garden left to conquer,our walling provides an easy way to revitalise existing cladding and blockwork sheds. Available in Pillared Blue and Rustic, our walling range can cater for modernisers and traditional tastes that are bound to breathe new life into any outbuilding.

slate walling


Gardens are a place to express yourself, whether through a colourful flower bed, a water feature or even a garden gnome! However none of the above can ever truly satisfy your individualism like a personalised slate garden ornament. ‘The Apple’, crafted by James Parker was made with our Vermont Structural Slate. A feature similarly personalized would attract attention, while at the same time, making any garden the envy of your family and friends.

Vermont Apple Sculpture Made of Slate

Slate is a versatile material and so can be adapted to fit the style of many projects. If you’d like to learn more about our slate paving and how it can benefit your home or commercial property, feel free to talk to us on 015395 59289 anytime. You can also check out our FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn pages to keep up to date with our latest projects.

UK Slate
At UK Slate we all have pride in what we do, having a drive to succeed in being the best that we can be. If you choose UK Slate to be your supplier of choice – you will be assured of the very best support for the whole of your project.
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