Bat Access Slate – Plastic

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The Bat Access Slate provides a discreet and uninterrupted path from the roof exterior to the interior. The Bat Access Slate comprises of an external vacuum formed weathering cowl, this is combined with an injection moulded underbase unit which has a factory applied non-slip surface to aid access for the bats into the roofspace.

The Bat Access Slate is available to suit 500mm long slates.

The Bat Access Slate – Plastic provides a cheaper alternative to the Natural Slate Bat Access Slate which is also available from UK Slate.

Bats and the Law – All 17 species of Bat in the UK are European Protected Species (EPS). It is against the law to damage or destroy a bat’s breeding site or resting place, which is known as a roost. Under the law, a roost is any structure or place used by bats for shelter or protection. Because bats tend to re-use the same roosts year after year the roost is protected whether or not bats are present at the time.

In order to work within the Law, seek advice from the appropriate Statutory Nature Conservation Organisation (SNCO) in any situation where an operation may affect bats or their roosts. When operations have already started and bats or their roosts are discovered, work must stop and the relevant SNCO contacted immediately.

Also available in a Bat Access Slate – Natural variation which has a Natural Slate Top in a range of colours to match your existing slates.

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