Rustic Multi Coloured Riven

Rustic Multi Coloured Riven contains a myriad of colours from Pale Greys, through to Browns, Yellows and Orange.

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Rustic Multi Coloured Riven is an unusual slate. As the name suggests, it contains a myriad of colours ranging from burgundy, ochre, bronze to olive green all on a pale grey or grey green base colour. This completely random dispersal of colours is created by ferrous minerals along with other “impurities” in the stone that were present when it was laid down in the prehistoric lake beds and meandering river basins of central Brazil. The light riven texture with the colour shading makes it ideal for areas where there can be a high amount of traffic without having to repeatedly clean away dirt and bootprints. The natural riven surface gives good anti slip characteristics but without being to heavy and causing problems with maintenance and siting furniture.

The riven finish was sawn straight edges and is calibrated to 10mm thick.

All Slate And Stone products should be sealed prior to use to prevent staining and ease regular maintenance.

All prices and units below are per mtr2 of material

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400mm x 400mm 10mm, 600mm x 400mm 10mm

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