Stainless Steel Slate Hooks – Black Coated

Stainless Steel Slate Hooks are an alternative fixing to clout nails for fixing Natural Slates

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Stainless Steel Slate Hooks are an alternative fixing to clout nails for fixing Natural Slates, which is used extensively across Europe. This method offers a cost effective alternative method with lots of bonuses. Hooks can be used in the most exposed locations and because the slate is supported at four points, the resistance to wind uplift is extremely effective. The top edge of the slate is gripped under the top part of the hook. The shank of the hook runs down along the side of the slates in the next course, and the return grip at the bottom of the hook holds the tail of the slate on top. This means that each slate is held in place by four hooks; one at the head, one at the tail and one on each side. The one at the tail stops the hook from sliding down, the ones at the side prevent it from turning and the one at the head holds it at the batten.

There are two type of Slate Hook, an over batten type and a drive in type. The use of over batten type is very limited with the majority being drive in type (shown in picture).

The hooks are manufactured from Grade 316 Stainless Steel and are black coated.

We stock a wide range of different lengths to accommodate differing headlaps.

All prices per box of 500 hooks

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Drive in 100mm Grade 18/10, Drive in 100mm Grade 316, Drive in 110mm Grade 18/10, Drive in 110mm Grade 316, Drive in 120mm Grade 18/10, Drive in 120mm Grade 316, Drive in 130mm Grade 18/10, Drive in 130mm Grade 316, Drive in 80mm Grade 18/10, Drive in 80mm Grade 316, Drive in 90mm Grade 18/10, Drive in 90mm Grade 316

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