Westmorland Green Slate

At UK Slate, we are proud to stock Westmorland green slate, one of the UK’s most prestigious natural slates known for its resilience and historical importance. This exceptional material has been used for centuries to protect some of the most prominent and globally recognised buildings, such as Buckingham Palace. Our Westmorland slate complies with the highest industry standards, with A1, T1, and S1 certifications proving its superior quality. By adhering to the BSEN12326-1:2004 regulations, this material ensures incredible weather resistance and strength. This means that when you choose our Westmorland green slate, you are investing in unmatched excellence for your roofing projects whilst adding a touch of historical prestige.




What is Westmorland Green Slate?

Westmorland green slate is a natural material quarried for over 400 years from the Borrowdale Volcanic Group in the Lake District. This volcanic ash contains chlorides, giving the slate its distinctive green colour. The slate’s age and geological formation contribute to its exceptional durability and improved weather resistance.

Choosing Westmorland green slate for your needs translates into an exquisite and enduring finish for any new or refurbished property, where British heritage, quality, and craftsmanship combine harmoniously to deliver results that leave you in awe and create striking roofscapes. Westmorland green slate’s natural beauty and resilience make it the perfect choice for those seeking to enhance the aesthetic of their homes with an effective mix of elegance and modernity.

The Craftmanship of Westmorland Slate

At UK Slate, we source and craft Westmorland green slate in three distinct formats, each designed to meet different architectural and functional requirements:

  • Patterns: these are cut to a fixed length and width, with the width never less than half the length. They are perfect for roofs with a shallower pitch, offering a uniform and aesthetically pleasing look.
  • Sized slates: these feature a stated length but random widths—with widths not exceeding their length—and are ideal for roofs that require a lot of cutting, such as at verges, hips, and valleys. They also provide installation flexibility.
  • Randoms: we supply these in random lengths and widths, with the width always at least half the length. They are sorted on-site by length and then laid in diminishing courses from eaves to ridge, creating a traditional and visually dynamic roof.

At UK Slate, most sizes are available in different thicknesses or selection grades, including Bests, Strongs, and Extra Strongs, allowing for full customisation to suit different needs.

Famous Buildings Featuring Westmorland Slate

Here’s a list of examples of enduring architecture where the prestigious nature of Westmorland slate shines, combining history with contemporary. This material has been chosen for many notable buildings throughout the UK due to its reputation for durability and traditional beauty.

  • Buckingham Palace: the east wing’s roof has been adorned with Westmorland slate since the mid-nineteenth century.
  • Paul’s Cathedral: in the 1950s, green slate was used to replace the cathedral’s damaged roof.
  • Royal Albert Hall: during a major restoration project in the early 2000s, this famous London venue received a new roof of Westmorland green slate.
  • Liverpool Cathedral: this grand structure’s roof was fitted with green slate in the mid-twentieth century.
  • The Houses of Parliament: after a major fire in the 19th century, Westmorland slate was used to repair the iconic building’s roof.

Why Choose UK Slate for Your Green Slate?

At UK Slate, we offer a vast selection of high-quality, natural Welsh slate available in various sizes and thicknesses. Once you choose your slate, you get to customise it further to provide the perfect material for roofing, flooring or landscaping projects. Contact us with any questions about our products, and one of our team members will promptly assist you.

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