June 10, 2020

Slate Garden Features for Summer

As we have now, hopefully, seen the last of the winter weather, we can get back in the garden and start making it look as beautiful as the summer days. To do so we can use slate to add a natural beauty to our gardens. Slate is a popular choice due to its flexibility, texture, and the affect it can have on your garden’s aesthetic.

You can easily create an eye-catching space with some simple use of slate, and it is much more versatile and inexpensive that you may think. From a simple yet stylish pathway to a strong slate feature, we have compiled how you can amp up your gardens character with a little help from slate.

Slate board with 'We are in the Garden...' written on in white paint

Benefits Of Using Slate In Your Garden

There are a number of benefits to using slate within your garden, here’s just a few of them:

Versatility – Slate is extremely versatile and can be used in a whole host of places within your garden. Not only is it versatile, it also comes in a variety of colours, textures and shapes, enabling you to create a completely unique outdoor space.

Environmentally Friendly – All slate chippings are made from recycled materials, so it’s a great alternative to quarried stones if you’re conscious about the environment.

Durable and Hardwearing – Thanks to slate’s robust properties, it’s rarely affected by adverse weather conditions.

Aesthetically Pleasing All Year Round – Unlike other materials commonly used in gardens, slate looks perfect both in the sun and rain, as it takes on a lighter shade of purple in dry patches, whilst going a much darker shade when wet.

Easy To Lay – Slate couldn’t be easier to lay, slate chippings have grown in popularity in recent years thanks to their ease of use.

Simple Yet Effective Walling

A slate wall can not only be a stunning feature in your garden for summer, but is much more practical and visually pleasing than a standard wooden or brick wall. Having a wall constructed by slate can give a contemporary style to the garden. Slate can also make a great barbeque space and is a much more appealing look than a concrete block or manufactured BBQ.  Being simple and inexpensive, a slate wall is a must-have feature to transform your garden into summer bliss. Slate for landscaping is often overlooked by many homeowners, but we can’t stress enough just how useful it can be!


One of the most common uses of slate in the garden is to form a border around some of the key features your garden boasts. Whether that be a rockery, a pond or water feature, slate offers a perfect contrast in colour and texture to make your garden features stand out that little bit more. You can even use slate alongside your driveway to give it a distinctive border – the options really are endless.

Slate Pyramid

By stacking your slate in a different way completely, you can fit the pieces together to form a unique water feature, or a simple ornament. A slate pyramid can add a simple accent of beauty to a corner or even the centre of your garden – just add water and you have an effective and inexpensive water feature. This is certain to add the extra wow factor to your summer paradise.

Slate Planters

Not only can you create some beautiful additions to your garden with slate, but you can combine them with flowers and plants, and it doubles the feeling of paradise. Bring out the natural beauty of slate with all the beauty of summer plantings. Many flowers are in their prime in this warmer weather, but if you want the flowers or plants to last all year round, then why not opt for fake.

Patterns made in a path of a garden using slate

Rock Gardens

A slate rock garden is a wonderful way to display plants and flowers. Using slate is a contemporary and stylish alternative to more conventional materials and is also beneficial to plants and their habitats. Your plants will love being nestled in a sun- facing slate rock garden. As a feature piece a rock garden can be a small asset at first, but you can always expand. Either way they are a great summer addition to your outdoor haven.

Slate Flooring

By making a slate walkway you can create a practical and beautiful area. Everyone needs a path in their garden, but the subtle yet elegant colourings of slate gives that extra touch to a garden design. You can easily create a natural border between the grass and your path by a subtle amount of slate or create an entire path. Either way, slate flooring can create a great focal point and make the ultimate addition to your summer paradise.

Slate aggregates close upSlate requires little maintenance and always looks fantastic against any garden furniture, ornaments or flowers. It can create a subtle arrangement or give a real contrast against your garden. And even though the sun is becoming more apparent, you won’t mind when a bit of rain touches your slate, as it really brings out the true colours and textures of the material.

If you would like more information about how slate can complement or transform your garden, ready for the summer, we would love to help. Feel free to browse our website, or if you require more information, get in touch with our expert team directly.

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