May 20, 2016

The Bespoke Nature of Slate

Slate is a highly flexible stone capable of being used in a large range of circumstances, and it’s widely regarded as a natural stone that offers sophistication and style to any design. Using slate, then, whether in your home or in your commercial property, can give you a lot of benefits. After all, this stone can be used for the outside, such as for the exterior walls of your home or the roof, or indoors to create a beautiful interior design you can be proud of for all times.

One of slate’s most remarkable features is its ability to be adapted and worked to your specific needs, meaning you can add a unique, authentic look to your home or business if you opt to use this natural stone.

Slate Tiles - Shower

Handcrafted Slate

This capacity to create bespoke designs is what makes slate one of the best materials to work with, and why one of our customers chose to use it in one of their latest project in Central London, in which they undertook a complete bathroom and wetroom designed by an internationally renowned Japanese architect. In order to meet the client’s very specific requirements and timescales, we took advantage of slate’s properties, such as its durability and versatility, to ensure that the bathroom would be completely unique in appearance. We also hand produced special rounded edge tiles for around the inset bath surround. Therefore ensuring an amazing finished effect whilst providing clean and safe edges around the inset bath.

Slate Tiling - Bath

Slate’s Bespoke Aesthetics

This natural stone can provide beautiful designs that add style and beauty to any room – however, this feature begs the question, ‘what makes slate so aesthetically pleasing?’ Its natural appeal, as well as the honing process it goes through, greatly contributes to this characteristic.

For our Central London project we used Elterdale Grey Green Honed Slate in a 400mm x 400mm format, so that the tiles, both on the shower walls and the bathing area, had a smooth, matt surface with natural colour variations to them. For the base of the shower area they used the same Elterdale Grey Green slate but in a Riven finish, which has a natural hand split texture. This was to give a contrast to the different areas within the room but also to give a safe slip resistant finish underfoot.

Slate Tiles

When the tiles are machined to a honed flat finish, the process involved cuts through the minute undulating layers within the slate and can create a billowing cloud effect. This is because the honing procedure enhances the variations of shade within the stone, sometimes leaving plain tiles, other times beautiful swirling patterns that are unique to each tile – this flexibility is perfect to create a wide array of designs, whether you intend for them to lean towards the traditional or the contemporary style.

Slate can be tailored to fit your particular project, then, meaning you can choose between a large range of styles, as well as shapes and forms, and be guaranteed a stunning and unique design. If you’d like to learn more about our bespoke slateware and how it can benefit your home or commercial property, feel free to talk to us on 015395 59289 anytime. You can also speak to us to find out more about roof slates, floor slates and more. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ pages to keep up to date with our latest projects.

UK Slate
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