December 14, 2016

How to Choose the Perfect Supplier

Picking the perfect type of natural stone for a building is important, as it will determine the overall aesthetic. However, this is not the only important decision you have to make. Choosing the right supplier is equally crucial – if not, you risk ending up with something you’re not entirely satisfied with, and service to match.

Choosing the right supplier will offer you peace of mind, then, but the question arises: how can you select the perfect supplier for your project?


One of the first considerations to make is the cost of the product. Your choice of supplier will depend on many factors, but this one is perhaps the one on everyone’s minds when they make their decision. Both parties want to get the best deal possible, which doesn’t necessarily mean a low price.

Quality and Reliability

While price might be the first thing that pops up in a negotiation, quality is, undoubtedly, one of the most important elements to consider – perhaps even the most important. Choosing a supplier you can trust doesn’t just mean someone who can deliver on time. It also means someone who can give you the quality you want.

The material should be of the highest quality possible, so you need to pick a supplier that understands what that means. Your supplier needs to have a high level of industry knowledge, so that you can get natural stone with the best geological composition, appearance, colour and texture to suit your needs.


That and, of course, knowing where your stone comes from. Being able to trust your supplier when it comes to the source of the stone is important, as it can affect your final decision. After all, different quarries will have different types of products – even though they’re all slate, for instance, some tiles or slabs will be best suited for outdoor applications or areas with high-foot traffic, while other types might be better for creating bespoke products, such as hearths and placemats.

Knowing the origins of your slate will allow you to also know its geological composition, which in turn can help you decide if a certain stone is ideal for your project. A good supplier will be able to advise and help you make this decision. They should also be able to supply up to date performance declarations to back this up.

Slate is a beautiful, versatile stone that can be used for a wide range of applications and in a large number of locations, whether indoors or outdoors. With so many choices at your disposal, choosing a supplier that can help you narrow them down and provide you with the perfect slate for your project becomes essential.

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