Estillo 11 Blue Grey

Estillo 11 Blue Grey is a beautiful textured Blue Grey slates is quarried in the Northern slate producing region of Spain. A1, T1 & S1 Certified



Estillo 11 is a textured light blue grey slate, quarried in the Northern slate producing region of Spain. The La Fraguiña quarry began in 1968 and was exploited in the open until the 90s, before undergoing a radical change, becoming an underground mine, thus being pioneers of a unique exploitation system, which allows optimal use of the slate deposits.

Estillo 11 is stocked in a premium grade, however maintains excellent selection. Premium grades generally have more variation in thickness and flatness and so require a little more grading prior to fixing. This will produce a roof with a little more character than a prime, flat grade slate. The depth of the slate bed in the earths crust greatly compresses the slate to form an extremely solid slate, producing a  beautiful solid ring when tapped.

The slate is fully tested to BSEN12326-1:2004 and attains A1, T1 & S1 certification.

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