Slate Blanks and Slate Sills

UK Slate stock a wide range of Natural Slate Sills. These are produced from our Ravendale Graphite slate which gives our slate sills a light natural textured finish.



At UK Slate, we are proud to present a vast selection of Natural Slate Blanks with the perfect combination of durability and aesthetic appeal. Carved from the finest Ravendale Graphite slate, each piece has a unique, light, natural textured finish that effortlessly captures the eye. Our slate sills are a testament to nature’s beauty, displaying a spectrum of tonal shading that transitions from mid-grey to striking black. Given the variations in this entirely natural material, every slate blank is distinct, offering an exclusive appeal.

Precision Crafted Slate Blanks for Consistent Quality

Our team carefully cut our slate slabs to a thickness of 30mm, as we understand the importance of uniformity and ease of installation. The lengths of blanks range from 1200mm all the way up to 2200mm long slate sills, with 300mm, 450mm, 600mm, 750mm and 900mm widths available. It’s important to note that the edges of our slate blanks are sawn and ready to be sanded or polished according to your preferences, allowing the removal of any fine saw marks and achieving the desired finish.

Slate Sills Tailored to Your Specifications

Natural slate tiles for roofing are celebrated for versatility and have applications that reach far beyond traditional uses. While originally produced as window sills, our slate blanks have found their way into diverse projects, transforming into kitchen worktops, fire hearths, copings, and steps.

We recognise that every project is unique and emphasise the adaptability of our slate blanks. They are predominantly designed for on-site customisation, allowing cuts and machining to achieve specific sizes. This bespoke aspect ensures that while the edges may initially showcase imperfections such as chip marks or saw marks from cutting, they can be refined to meet precise requirements.

Bespoke Options at UK Slate

At UK Slate, your vision is our blueprint. We excel in crafting slate slabs to your exact dimensions through a detailed process that ensures each piece is a perfect fit for your intended application. Our bespoke services extend beyond sizing; we provide tailored solutions that bridge the gap between your creative ideas and their practical application. For a more comprehensive insight into what we can offer, explore our Bespoke and Slateware page to discover how we can bring your vision to life.

Choosing UK Slate means more than simply selecting a material. It’s an investment in timeless elegance, durability, and bespoke beauty that reflects your personal style and meets your practical needs. We invite you to explore the possibilities with our Natural Slate Blanks and experience the unmatched versatility and quality that we provide.

Contact us today to find out more about how UK Slate can transform your project.

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300mm x 1200mm 30mm, 300mm x 1500mm 30mm, 300mm x 1800mm 30mm, 450mm x 1200mm 30mm, 450mm x 1500mm 30mm, 450mm x 1800mm 30mm, 450mm x 2200mm 30mm, 600mm x 1200mm 30mm, 600mm x 1500mm 30mm, 600mm x 1800mm 30mm, 600mm x 2200mm 30mm, 900mm x 1200mm 30mm

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