September 2, 2016

Remodelling Your Floors with Natural Stone

The versatility and beauty of natural stone is such that its potential uses around the home are endless. When remodelling floors, there are several things to keep in mind, like durability, maintenance, and appearance. Slate and limestone are the perfect choice to achieve your dream interior design, as all of its features combine to provide a safe and beautiful environment.

As natural stone flooring is currently a very popular choice for modern homes, our range of slate and limestone flooring will cater for all types of projects, modern or old.

UK Slate Project

 Water Resistance

Slate is very water resistant, primarily why it makes such a good roofing material, however it also makes it the perfect choice for your bathroom or kitchen. If you’re looking for a slip-resistant option for use in a particularly wet area, our Ravendale Graphite Riven slate would be ideal, offering a slip resistant surface but without a heavily textured surface.

Slate Bathroom

A Safe Choice

Having young children in the house is always lovely, but they do sometimes create a mess, with certain stains can being incredibly difficult to remove from any surface. Natural stone however, when sealed properly, is unlikely to stain. It also requires very little maintenance, and a simple mopping with a soft mop to guarantee it keeps looking its best.

Unlike wood flooring, slate is non-flammable. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing that you have an added safety feature, especially if used around an open fire or wood burner.

Slate Fireplace

Slate is Very Versatile

Slate comes in a wide variety of finishes. You can take advantage of mother nature’s amazing ability to create unique patterns, enabling you to personalise the look and design of your home as the individuality of slate ensures that no two surface are the same. Our range consists of a variety of colours and finishes meaning you are bound to find the right stone flooring for your home.

Our range of finishes includes:

Riven: This finish gives the slate a light texture making it ideal for both internal and external uses, while also giving the surface good anti slip characteristics.

Honed: This finish is achieved by machining the surface until completely smooth. The honing process massively enhances the shade variations which naturally occur in within the slate.

Tumbled: This finish gives the slate a more aged appearance with its distressed edges and ever so slightly rubbed faces. Perfect for a traditional style renovation.

Antiqued: This finish leaves the slates light riven texture but has also been gently polished with a diamond wire brush to give it an amazing tactile leather feel. The brushing enhances the shade variation in the slate, giving more character and warmth to the floor.

Natural stone is a beautiful and unique flooring option for your home, and we always strive to offer customers the best possible products and service to ensure that the perfect home design is easily achievable. If you’re thinking about remodelling your flooring, you can contact us on 015395 59289 to speak to our friendly team. You can also find us on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to keep up to date with our news.

UK Slate
At UK Slate we all have pride in what we do, having a drive to succeed in being the best that we can be. If you choose UK Slate to be your supplier of choice – you will be assured of the very best support for the whole of your project.
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