Burlington Blue Grey

Burlington Blue Grey Slate has been quarried in the English Lake District. Certified to A1, T1 and S1



Burlington Slate is a premium choice in the world of slate, renowned for its unique blue-grey colour and exceptional quality. It has been an integral part of our architectural and cultural heritage for over 300 years, tracing its roots back to the Silurian Period, over 330 million years ago. This unique stone is held to the highest of standards, with every piece undergoing rigorous testing to BSEN12326-1:2004 and attaining A1, T1 & S1 certification.

The Origin of Burlington Slate

Steeped in history, Burlington Slate hails from tenacious slate deposits found in the scenic English Lake District. The current company was formed in 1843 by consolidating several independent smaller operations into the world-renowned company it is today. It is still owned and run by the descendants of the original Cavendish family, ensuring the legacy of the Burlington name remains synonymous with quality and endurance. UK Slate is extremely pleased and proud to be able to offer high-quality Burlington Blue Grey slate from our UK distribution depots.

The Allure of Burlington Slate’s Colouring

In a world dominated by similarity, stand out with the distinct blue-grey tone of Burlington Slate. This appealing hue is the signature feature of our natural slate for roofing, painting a picture of timeless elegance that blends wonderfully with both traditional and contemporary architectural designs. Whether you are looking for Burlington roof slate tiles or flooring options, this particular slate is an excellent choice that is sure to stand out.

Why Choose UK Slate for Your Burlington Slate?

At UK Slate, we are not just vendors but also custodians of a proud tradition, a legacy that rests upon delivering the finest quality slate to our clients. We are privileged to offer the Burlington Blue Grey slate, a celebration of our commitment to bringing the best to the market. Whether you are looking for ‘Bests’ or ‘Strongs’, we cater to a wide array of options, including Fixed Lengths x Random Widths and Single Sizes, also known as “patterns”.

Our expert team ensures that every piece of slate held in our UK distribution depots adheres to the highest quality standards, offering a product that is not just about aesthetics but also about unmatched durability. Your search ends at UK Slate for a seamless experience of purchasing a heritage that was millions of years in the making.

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