Estillo 9 Blue Grey

Estillo 9 Blue Grey is a beautiful textured Blue Grey slate quarried in the slate producing Zamora region of Spain. A1, T1 & S1 Certified.



Quarried in the Zamora region in Northern Spain. Our Estillo 9 Blue Grey has a dark blue grey to black colour. The slate is available in a variety of thicknesses and selection grades, and this level of meticulousness by the quarry ensures an extremely high level of quality is maintained. This means the customer can be confident purchasing with no unexpected surprises.

Due to the nature of the stone, all the selections are extremely flat and consistent, requiring minimal grading prior to laying. This allows for a very clean, crisp finished roof appearance.

The blue grey colour will not fade over time, therefore outperforming many of its similarly cost effective oppositions.

The Premium Grades of the Estillo 9 do have small metallic surface inclusions scattered across the surface of the slate, but these are stable and will not “bleed” down the roof.

The slate has outstanding test results offering fantastic resistance to weather conditions.

Fully Tested to BSEN12326-1:2004, attaining A1, T1 & S1 certification.

Download Estillo 9 Blue Grey Data Sheet



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