Estillo 3 Blue Grey

Estillo 3 Blue Grey is a beautiful textured Blue Grey slate quarried in the Northern slate producing region of Spain. A1, T1 & S1 Certified.



Estillo 3 Blue Grey slate is quarried from high in the mountains around La Bana, North West Spain, but it is equally at home on the roofs of homes and buildings on the North of England and the Scotland.

This slate is extremely durable and the thicker nature of it makes it well suited to weathering the sometimes much harsher climate in these areas.

Estillo 3 is a deep blue grey slate with the distinctive texture of slates from the La Bana region, giving the finished roof a look reminiscent of domestically quarried slates.

The Slate has outstanding test results offering fantastic resistance to weather conditions and will not fade.


Fully Tested to BSEN12326-1:2004, attaining A1, T1 & S1 certification.

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