Permavent Dry Verge

Permavent Dry Verge now makes it possible to fully prevent water from creeping back under slates and verges.

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With the Permavent Dry Verge it is now possible to fully prevent water from creeping back under slates and verges, which leads to battens rotting. Permavent’s patented super seals provide a modern solution that is neither cumbersome nor unsympathetic to traditional roofing methods. Its design reflects a traditional pointed verge and even allows for a traditional cambered or ‘Celtic’ edge.

Traditional methods, such as a pointed cement verge, have historically been the main cause of roof failure. This is because these methods allow water to run back on the underside of the slate and creep back onto the battens.
Water enters through the gap between the slate and the mortar that has not adhered as a result of traditional methods, and is constantly absorbed through this porous mortar. This causes water to be absorbed by the end grain of the roofing batten, causing them to rot. A rotten batten will no longer hold the slate fixings in place, which can lead to slates becoming dislodged and eventually falling from the roof.

Easy Verge incorporates an undercloak that is uniquely variable from 0-100mm and its design ensures a perfectly straight verge every time with minimal effort. The speed and ease of installation offers an overall cost saving.

Size: 3mtr lengths – Sold Individually

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