Cornish Slate

Stunning Cornish Slate with Monumental History

Coming from the beautiful south coast of England, Cornish Slate has been used as a premium building material for some 800 years. The region has also continuously quarried slate since the early 17th century and is home to the oldest slate quarry in the world, Delabole. Having supplied the slate for many years, it is potentially also the most famous quarry in the world. In addition, historical evidence of blue/grey slate used on medieval buildings around Cornwall, England and Wales indicates that slate was being quarried in the region well before the 13th century.

During the reign of Queen Elizabeth the first, slate quarries in Cornwall assumed considerable importance, delivering slate throughout the realm, and even exporting it by sea to Brittany and the Netherlands. Today, production of Slate in Cornwall continues at Delabole and Mill Hill, which are 30 miles apart. As a reputable supplier of high-quality materials, we can provide beautiful slate from both quarries.

During the reign of Elizabeth, slate quarries in Cornwall assumed considerable importance, delivering slate “throughout the realm, and even exporting it by sea to Brittany and the Netherlands”.

A Versatile Material

Unlike some other slate materials, this durable Cornish Slate can be used for a variety of applications, including roofing, flooring slates and slate for landscaping. Being cut from a natural stone, it can cope with the usual expectations from British weather and coming from the coast is regularly exposed to extreme climates.

At UK Slate, this material is in high demand as traditional becomes a sought-after aesthetic. In addition to the natural stone appeal, with its durability, you can expect it to stand the test of time and will add value to any property. However, it may be valued higher than other counterparts, it more than challenges this with its value.

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