February 19, 2021

Using Tiles In Small Spaces

Considered colour choices, the clever use of light and the strategic use of shapes can make smaller rooms look much bigger with tiled surfaces.

When space is limited in a bathroom, kitchen or living area, the right choice of floor tiles can make a big difference. Natural slate floor tiles are a durable and practical option for flooring – its natural beauty and subtle variation convey an elegant impression of openness.

The contrasting colours, patterns and textures of slate roof tiles create visual breaks. As no two pieces of stone or limestone are the same, a slate tiled floor makes for a unique arrangement which is pleasing to the eye.

Some carefully chosen furniture, and neat fixtures and accessories to accentuate the lines of a small room, will open up a slate tiled space even further.

Slate Tiles – Large Or Sm all

Larger tiles can create the illusion of extra space, while smaller tiles such as mosaics or those with intricate geometric patterns can make an area look too busy or cluttered.

Large tiles have traditionally been used in public or commercial spaces because it is quicker and cheaper to cover a big area with broad pieces. But the clean, sleek and stylish lines that can be achieved by mixing and matching medium and large tiles are particularly fashionable just now.

The number of regimental grout lines, spaced close together when using small pieces, can create a grid-like appearance which feels closed in. Wider lines lead the eye further and create a more seamless flow.

Go Lighter To Look Larger Or Darker To Create Depth

Lighter colours will help a small room look larger as they reflect more light. Pale greys, faded greens or browns with swirls of creams can open up a space, and you can continue the effect by matching the wall tiles with the floor pattern. Colours like pale blues and greens hark to surfaces in the natural world such as water and grass, which make us feel cooler and relaxed.

Neutral colours provide a warm and clean feeling in the room which looks inviting. A matte finish, such as that naturally created in slate, don’t show up so much dirt and water stains. So long as they’re sealed with a high-quality sealant, they will remain easy to clean while giving a slight sheen to the surface.

Alternatively, darker coloured floor tiles visually create an illusion of depth. A very light floor can reflect light from all angles to create a confusing image in the mind and actually make a small space seem even smaller. Dark colours work best with a lighter grout colour to offer a subtle highlight to the tiles themselves.

Accenting lighter colours with darker ones works extremely well to create a cosy finish to spaces and neatly define the edges of flooring and wall tiles.

The Shape Of The Layout Matters

How you choose to layout your chosen floor tiles plays a big part in the feelings of space within a smaller room.

Diagonal lines lead the eye further to create a feeling of length. However, diagonal designs that are too closed in or complicated can make the floor feel too busy.

Alternatively, brick bond patterning (where joints are offset in each row) can create a more expansive feel to the floor tile layout. There are lots of standard brick bond patterns used in the building and construction industry, so you can pick a template which appeals and follow the patterning as described.

Consider an emphasis on the horizontal to make a narrow space appear wider. Vertical lines can create a more formal appearance which can also be useful in smaller rooms with low ceilings to give an overall impression of height.

Cleverly Connect To Adjoining Areas

If you seamlessly connect a smaller room to the bigger and wider areas it sits next to, you can help to create a feeling of more space.

If you’re connecting two tiled rooms, you can achieve a feeling of flow by continuing the tiling through with a continuous pattern of grout from one room to the next. A big border effect between two rooms will grab attention and make the smaller room look even smaller.

You don’t have to match colour choices exactly between rooms, but a cohesive palette will make your home feel like it was all well designed and thought out to guide you, your visitors and the eye on a seamless journey around it.

Accessorise With Care

Some people tend to think that a piece of furniture or a rug in a small room will make it feel even smaller, but that does not need to be the case. A carefully positioned chair or well thought out rug placement will create a more expansive feeling if there is notable floor space around the piece.

Small rooms also need clever storage solutions which don’t take up too much floor space. Alcove and corner shelving can round off the room’s edges to continue smooth lines upwards and outwards. In bathrooms, the use of mirrors adds extra reflected light to create a more expansive feel.

All in all, clever grout colouring and floor slate pattern design will help your room “grow” spatially and stylishly. Flooring is often the biggest “flat” space in a room, so a little careful thought can turn your small, quaint space into a large living area.

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